These friends are making it happen.

(we need you to come on board, too)

Gerard I. and Georgia Adelman

Marla L. and Peter Adelsberger

Michael G. Albano and Nancy B. Alisberg

Barbara J. Alex

Joyce H. Allen

P. K. and Phoebe R. Allen

John M. Andreini

Anonymous (6)

Dorothy T. Arnold

John R. and Angela Arrington

Andrew Asensio

Duff Ashmead

Joanna Aversa

Ann Azevedo and Donato T. DiGenova

Barbara Backman

James Bagni

Shawnee Baldwin

Thomas O. and Melanie A. Barnes

Lynn Beaulieu and Gerry Lupacchino

Dolph F. and Marjorie Becker

Cynthia Bendel Kelly

Gary S. and Elizabeth J.T. Berman

John and Laura Berman

Lynn Bernstein

Harry and Roberta S. Berry

Timothy Bertaccini

Tom Bloom

Mark Boelhouwer

Chris Borowy

David and Ann Brandwein

Joan O. Brodeur

The Honorable Luke and Sara Bronin

Karen and Tim Brown

Janet and William Brownstein

James Bruno and William Gratz

Stacy Brusa

Joan and Robert Butler

John and Karen K. Byrne

Helena and Alvaro Cardoso

Robert and Linda Carlson

Chip Caton and Catherine Lyons

Lynn F. and Jack Cavo

John and Peggy Chapman

Blair Childs

Edward and Tracy Church

Rose Marie Cilia

Ann Clark and David Ehler

Susan Clemow

Holly Cohen

Janice Cohen and Byron Fisher

Dennis Cole

Catherine Conlin

Audrey Conrad

Susan B. Coogan

Wayne H. Coste and Gail Adams

Jane V. Coughlin and Keith R. Cudworth

Audrey Courtney

Evan Cowles and Brie Quinby

William Cuddy and Vivien Blackford

Phyllis and Peter Curcio

Catherine Daly and Roy Dion

Marjorie and Ronald Debold

Mary Allen Dennehy

Timothy and Rebecca Derby

Jennifer and Marc A. DiBella

Sharon F. and George Dickerman

Heather and Philip Dilorenzo

Suzanne Carroll Dineen

Martha and James DiTomasso

Dennis and Penny Dix, Jr.

TJ Donohue

Michelle and John Drain

Susan and Richard Drayton

Gerald Dunne

Sharon and Bob Efron

Margot Egan

Anne M. Eglinton

Jack and Alice Ellovich

Carolyn Emerson

Joanne E. Ernest

Fenmore and Gladys Feigenbaum

Stanley and Susan P. Fellman

Sue Fennelly

Anthony A. and Anita Ferrante

Susan Fierberg and Howard Scheinblum

Grace Figueredo and Ken Gostyla

Christine Fisch

Muriel and Karl Fleischmann

Elinor R. and Herbert Flink

Thomas Foran

Arthur Franklin

Jerry and Ida Franklin

Dr. Franklin and Joanne Friedman

Judith W. Friend

Helen and Henry Frye

Francis J. Gagliardi

Jane Gallagher

Barbara Gallo

Diana Garey and Paul Dolinsky

Richard P. Garmany Fund

Annette Gavens

The Gawlicki Family Foundation

Mary and Gary Gello

Judith Z. Gilligan

Fred Gladstone and Laura Berlin

Robert and Francine Goldfarb

Arnold and Pat Goldstein

Megan and Jay Goldstein

Firooz and Maria Golkar

Pamela and Barry Gordon

Joan Hagan

Susan Hannon

Jane and Rob Harty

Frank Haviland and Shirley Mae Neu

Kimberly Haythorn

Louise T. Healey

Robert B. Hewey and Carol Simpson

Dale Hodges and David Logan

Mark and Kristine Hoffman

Warren Hollister

Beverly J. and Richard L. Hughes III

Gordon Hui and Kelly Mullaney Hui

Stephany Hunt

Dr. Albert and Joan Hurwit

Douglas and Tita Hyland

Theodore and Judith Ingis

Mark Izzo

Sandra Jacobus

Jill E. Jensen

Sharon and David Jepson

Evan H. Johnson and Kevin Chick

Fellis and Harold Jordan

Theodore Kaplan and Roberta F. Woronow

Marion Kelliher

Robert and Candace K. Killian

Judith M. Kissane

David and Jan Klein

Judith Lee Kline

Don Knapp

Susan Knapp

Carol A. Kolp

Fredrick Kopper

Nancy A. Kramer

Abbey Kreinik

Christine C. and Roy Krumperman

Lee G. Kuckro

Nancy and Jerry Lahman

The Elizabeth M. Landon and Harriette M. Landon Charitable Foundation

Carol and Hank Landry

Gerald Laraia

Christopher Larsen

Marcia Lattimore

Patricia Lavery

Charles and Joan Leach

John W. and Joyce R. Lemega

Julie and Carl Lindquist

Barbara Liu

Ted and Adlyn Loewenthal

George Lombardo

Elizabeth and Peter Luchina

Drs. Michael Lustick and Barbara Rickler

Nancy Macy and Robert Painter

Kenneth and Cynthia Malm

Lenore Mand

Joseph Marcoux

Paul Marte

Juanita Martinez and Frank Torree

Michael Martone and Jose Fernando Zapata Salazar

Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation

Joy and Tom McConnell

Esther McCune

Robert and Linda M. McGurn

Marjorie Mead

Seymour and Judith G. Melnick

David Miller

Elizabeth R. and Stephen Miller

Rachel Miller

Noreen M. and John P. Moreschi

Michael John Morris

Pat and Larry Morrison

Shirley Morrison

Marjorie E. Morrissey

William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

Blanche Moskowitz

Dr. Theodore F. and Carole Mucha

Jan Musen

Susan Namerow

Lisa Nappi

Carolyn Neely

Jenifer Noble

Christiane Noll

Martha R. and Louis Nunes

Daniel and Lori O'Connell

Dottie O'Meara

Andre Oberle and Ed Below

Roger Ouellette

Sally and Tom Oxman

Joseph Palladino

Arthur A. Palmunen

Harold E. and Lorraine Panciera

Lisa Peake

Libby S. Pearl

Laura and David Pels

Wendy A. Peterson

Janet Petrowsky

Dave Pickus

Joanne Pizzoni

Dina Plapler and Earl McMahon

Maryann Poinelli

Matthew K. Poland

Roberta W. Prescott and Robert O. Hurwitz

Bob and Patti Pulito

William and Ruth E. Rabinowitz

Ettore C. and Laura Raccagni

William Reitman

Margaret and Charles Rich

Joan and Barry Richter

Margaret Rick

Clara and Joseph Riley

Christina and Ezra Ripple

Marytherese and John Rodis

Alice B. and Robert Rodner

Steve Rosenberger

Sari and Jim Rosokoff

Rosalie B. Roth

Dr. Anne Rothstein and Jane Hellman

Joel and Susan Rottner

Mary Beth Russell

Dennis Russo

Deborah and Michael Sacks

Larry Samplatsky and John Tackus

John Scandura

Lenore Schack

Cora Sue and Bing Scherer

John J. and Suzanne D. Schloss

Ralph D. and Louise Schmoll

Jonathan and Sherry Schreiber

Chris Scully

John Scully and David Osella

Linda Scussel

Bernie Selig

Elizabeth and Stephen J. Shamroth

Maryanne B. Shinn

Debbie and Jim Shmerling

Steven and Susan Sigal

Darlene C. and Guy A. Simonian

Carol L. Sirot Foundation

Ellen Siuta

SLAM Collaborative

Shirley Smith

Tara Spain

Lori and Brian Sparks

Catherine J. Spera

Karin A. Stahl

Glenn Stanisewski

State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Scott and Jane Stearns

Marilyn S. Steinmetz

Jack and Mary Anne Sullivan

James G. and Marcia E. Sutton

Montell and Anjanette Taylor

Samuel H. and Joan Teller

Jeff Rudikoff and Edee Tenser

Leonora and Bill Thramann

Christine Tobin

Humphrey Tonkin and Jane Edwards

Denise Trammel


Fran and Brian Van Linda

Cecily C. Vasington

Anthony Vignone

Theresa and David Waltz

Diane M. Ward

Luther G. and Denise M. Weeks

Betty and Alan Weintraub

Carolyn Weiser

Judith and Joel Weisman

Reeves Westmoreland

Robert and Penelope Whalen

Louise Wilder

Martha and Donald Wilmot

Christian and Michelle Winkler

Elizabeth B. Woodard

The Zachs Family Foundation

Barbara Zakarian

Carol K. Zapadka

Peter M. and Ellen T. Zeman

as of 4.15.19