These friends got us started

(we need you to come on board, too)

Michael G. Albano and Nancy B. Alisberg

Anonymous (1)

Duff Ashmead

Dorothy T. Arnold

Shawnee Baldwin

Lynn Beaulieu and Gerry Lupacchino

Mark Boelhouwer

Stacy Brusa

Ann Clark and David Ehler

Jennifer and Marc A. DiBella

Jack and Alice Ellovich

Grace Figueredo and Ken Gostyla

Muriel and Karl Fleischmann

Helen and Henry Frye

Barbara Gallo

The Gawlicki Family Foundation

Robert and Francine Goldfarb

Susan Guralnik

Warren Hollister

Jeffrey and Nancy Hoffman

Douglas and Tita Hyland

Sharon and David Jepson

Evan H. Johnson and Kevin Chick

Lee G. Kuckro

The Elizabeth M. Landon and Harriette M. Landon Charitable Foundation

Ted and Adlyn Loewenthal

Joy and Tom McConnell

Marjorie E. Morrissey

William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

Andre Oberle and Ed Below

Daniel and Lori O'Connell

Dina Plapler and Earl McMahon

Roberta W. Prescott and Robert O. Hurwitz

Bob and Patti Pulito

Joan and Barry Richter

Christine B. and Ezra H. Ripple

Alice B. and Robert Rodner

Dr. Anne Rothstein and Jane Hellman

Dennis Russo

Larry Samplatsky and John Tackus

Jonathan and Sherry Schreiber

Maryanne B. Shinn

Steven and Susan Sigal

Darlene C. and Guy A. Simonian

Carol L. Sirot Foundation

SLAM Collaborative

Tara Spain

State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Montell and Anjanette Taylor


Theresa and David Waltz

The Zachs Family Foundation